2018 Sandhills Veterans Festival

Sandhills Veterans Festival

Documentary: Fruits of Peace

Fruits of Peace Moviemovie fruitsofpeace 6The Grubb family visits Viet Nam after receiving Du Pham's invitation.

Fruits of Peace

A documentary film

movie fruitsofpeace 3Evelyn Grubb and National League of Families present first POW flag to Defense Secretary Melvin LairdTwo families struggle to pick up the pieces and repair the damage done by a long, violent Vietnam War, and they find themselves forever connected.

Fruits of Peace will screen on November 11, 2019, as part of this year's Sandhills Veterans Festival.

Immediately following the screening, there will be a one-hour talk and Q&A with the filmmaker and families.

Roy and Van Grubb, sons of USAF LTC Wilmer Grubb (MIA/POW/DIC) and Evelyn Grubb, National Coordinator of the National League of POIW-MIA families will be present along with Pham Duc Du of the anti-aircraft unit.

Watch the film's trailer here

Monday, November 11, 2019 at 11am at the Sunrise Theater, Southern Pines NC

Film Summary:

movie fruitsofpeace 4US Air Force LTC Wilmer Grubb is shot down over the Quang Binh Province in Northh Vietname.  His wife is soon notified by a Western Union driver that her husband was presumed missing in action. Then, weeks later, photos published around the world show LTC Grubb in his flight suit, sitting on the ground, with a Vietnamese woman tending to a wound on his knee. He appeared in good health.

Thus began a long wait, what Evelyn coined "The limbo of anguish" — waiting and hoping something every POW family experienced.

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Kevyn SettleDocumentary film director Kevyn Settle has spent much of last eight years embedded with a former North Vietnamese air defenses unit covering their journey to reclaim their record and accomplishments from 50 years ago yet recently misrepresented in a national print news story.  Ultimately Kevyn’s final return to Viet Nam was with the Grubb Family as they had accepted Du Pham’s invite to retrace their father’s footsteps with those responsible for capturing their father.
Born in Richmond VA, residing in Wash-DC, director/writer Kevyn Settle has taken a unique path to his current place as an exciting new voice in independent cinema and stage.   After graduating from High Point University in North Carolina, Kevyn landed in the advertising business. It was there that he discovered an interest in storytelling eventually moving behind the camera.  Executing large-scale marketing projects for global brands affected him positively. He has several projects currently in development, and he credits his passion for directing to his analytical outlook on life. Reflecting on his days in his spare time remodeling houses and sometimes rebuilding them by hand, he recognizes the parallels in his storytelling career. “Show me the sum, and I’ll tell you all the parts involved,” he says, looking forward.